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Richard C. Cervantes, Ph.D.
As   the   President/CEO   of   BAI,   Dr.   Cervantes   provides   the   managerial,   financial   and operational    leadership    of    the    firm.    He    serves    as    the    senior    executive    and    principal investigator   for   the   firm's   engagements   and   provides   direction   for   all   the   marketing   and administrative tasks of the company. Dr.   Cervantes   is   a   leader   in   his   field.   He   has   nearly   25   years   of   experience   in   the   field   of   mental   health and   HIV/AIDS   research   and   program   evaluation.   He   pioneered   the   application   of   statistical   analysis and epidemiological techniques to Latino and other multi-ethnic    populations    in    a    community    health    environment.    Dr.    Cervantes    has    a    contributed significantly   to   the   development   and   sophistication   of   a   body   of   knowledge   to   address   complex   health and   human   services   issues   using   scientific-based   solutions.   He   received   his   Ph.D.   and   master's   degrees in   psychology   and   his   bachelors   in   business   administration   and   psychology   from   Oklahoma   State University.   His   past   teaching   and   academic   positions   include   the   University   of   Southern   California, Department    of    Psychiatry,    the    California    Professional    School    of    Psychology,    the    University    of Oklahoma,   Department   of   Human   Relations   and   the   California   State   University   at   Northridge.   His professional   and   clinical   experience   consists   of   forensic   consultation   and   staff   positions   at   Didi   Hirsch Community    Mental    Health    Center,    the    Oklahoma    Department    of    Corrections    and    the    Children's Medical   Center.   He   began   his   career   as   a   research   psychologist   at   the   University   of   California,   Los Angeles    Spanish    Speaking    Mental    Health    Research    Center,    School    of    Medicine,    Department    of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Dr.   Cervantes   is   well   published   with   over   40   publications/articles   in   mental   health   and   HIV/AIDS areas    including    A    Juvenile    Delinquency    Diversion    Program    for    Latino    Youth    (Under    Review), Predictor   of   Alcohol   Use   Among   Young   Adult   Latinos   (Under   Review),   Evaluating   Hispanic/Latino Programs:    Ensuring    Cultural    Competency    (1998),    Handbook    of    Child    and   Adolescent    Psychiatry (1998),   The   Challenge   of   Participatory   Research:   Prevention   of   Alcohol-Related   Problems   in   Ethnic Communities (1995) and Substance Abuse and Gang Violence (1992-Sage Publication). He   has   completed   more   than   20   individual   advisory   engagements   as   an   evaluator/research   consultant for   numerous   governmental   agencies,   community-based   organizations   and   foundations   in   the   last   three years.   He   has   been   a   member   of   numerous   professional   committees   including   the   Hispanic   High   Risk Cluster   Group,   U.S.   Center   for   Substance   Abuse   Prevention   (CSAP),   Substance   Abuse   and   Mental Health   Services Administration,   SAMSHA   State   Incentive   Grant   Evaluation   Guidance   Committee   and CSAP's.