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Joanne Kumamoto
A   founding   partner   of   Kumamoto   Associates,   a   marketing,   management   and communications    genDenniseral    partnership    located    in    Greater    Los   Angeles area,    provides    technical    assistance    to    non-profit    organizations    on    program development     and     evaluation,     project     management,     and     organizational development    and    training.        She    specializes    in    market    research,    needs assessments,   and   feasibility   studies.      Ms.   Kumamoto   was   the   project   manager for     a     Transportation     Communications     Needs     Assessment     Study,     to     understand communication     channels     and     information     needs     for     non-English     speaking     Asian communities.        She    was    the    principal    evaluation    investigator    for    an    entertainment    job training    program.        Prior    to    forming    Kumamoto    Associates,    Ms.    Kumamoto    was    an appointee   in   the   Los   Angeles   City   Mayor’s   Office,   Division   of   Human   Resources,   where she   was   responsible   for   staffing   city   department   task   forces   and   community   advisory committees,    and    establishing    a    low    interest    loan,    volunteer,    and    energy    conservation projects.       After    leaving    the    Mayor’s    Office    Ms.    Kumamoto    also    consulted    as    a    sole proprietor   with   business   organizations,   major   arts   institutions,   and   engineering   firms.      Ms. Kumamoto   is   a   former   Commissioner   for   the   City   of   Los   Angeles   Housing   Authority   and Telecommunications Board.