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Jeremy Goldbach, Ph.D.
Dr.    Jeremy    T.    Goldbach,    LMSW,    Ph.D.    joined    the    USC    School    of Social   Work   in   2012   after   completing   both   his   master's   and   doctoral degrees     in     social     work     at    The     University     of    Texas     at    Austin. Specializing    in    prevention    science,    Goldbach     received    a    doctoral    in May   2012   at   the   University   of   Texas   at   Austin.   His   research   interests involve   cultural   competence   in   prevention   practice,   with   a   focus   on sexual    and    ethnic    minority    youth    experiences.    His    past    research    has    primarily examined   the   impact   of   chronic   stress   experiences   on   Latino   adolescents,   and   the development    of    evidence-based    prevention    programs    for    these    youth    and    their families.   Currently,   Goldbach   is   exploring   the   relationship   between   minority   stress and   behavioral   health   outcomes   in   lesbian,   gay,   bisexual   and   transgendered   (LGBT) youth.   He   also   serves   as   project   evaluator   with   the   National   Association   of   Social Workers    HIV/AIDS    Spectrum:    Mental    Health    Training    and    Education    of    Social Workers    Project.    His    practice    background    includes    both    clinical    and    community organizing.   Before   returning   for   his   doctoral   education,   Goldbach   oversaw   a   large community    organizing    project    in    Texas    that    funded    32    community    coalitions    to reduce    substance    use    concerns    through    environmental,    policy-based    strategy.    His teaching   interests   include   direct   social   work   practice,   human   behavior   and   research with vulnerable populations.