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Gladys F. Leyva, M.S.
Gladys F. Leyva obtained her Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Social Policy and Public Service, and International Studies, from the University of California, Irvine, in 2015. Soon after, she went on to pursue a graduate degree in Boston, MA and received her Master’s in Public Administration from Northeastern University in 2017. Ms. Leyva has progressive levels of experience in developing and managing projects, and collaborative efforts in Federal, university, and community public health settings. She is adept in establishing and expanding social service collaborative in diverse community and government environments. Ms. Leyva is highly skilled in team- building, problem-solving capabilities, and has a proven record of accomplishment in organizational development, strategic planning, and project management. In the past, Ms. Leyva was part of the USDA Food and Nutrition Services Agency and served as a Human Resources & Public Affairs Intern . In that role she effectively contributed to policy and data analysis, strategic planning, workforce development, and communications and website enhancement. Then after, she became part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency, where she was a Policy & Program Development Intern. There she worked in the Office of Behavioral Health Equity and focused on program evaluation and development, health education and health literacy, and sustainability of evidence-based practices. Currently, Ms. Leyva serves as a consultant to BAI in areas of marketing, program development and evaluation, and grant proposals.