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Daniel Santisteban, Ph.D.
Daniel    Santisteban    earned    his    Ph.D.    in    Clinical    Psychology    from    the University   of   Miami   in   1991   and   completed   his   internship   at   Bellevue Hospital/NYU.   He   is   currently   Research Associate   Professor   of   Psychiatry and   Behavioral   Sciences   at   the   University   of   Miami,   Center   for   Family Studies.   He   has   published   over   15   articles   and   chapters.   His   interests   are   in treatment   development,   family   therapy   research   with   adolescents,   and   Hispanic   families. Dr.    Santisteban    is    the    Principal    Investigator    of    two    grants    funded    by    the    National Institute   on   Drug   Abuse   and   one   funded   by   the   American   Foundation   for   Externship program    for    the    training    of    family    therapists;    has    focused    on    developing    Suicide Prevention.   Dr.   Santisteban   has   been   a   co-leader   of   the   Center   for   Family   Studies   new culturally   appropriate   family   treatment   interventions   for   specialized   populations;   and   is leading efforts in blending research and practice at the national and state levels.