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         David Salinas, MPH
Mr.    David    Salinas    has    over    12    years    of    clinical    and    social    service    research experience   combined.    As   a   research   associate,    Mr.   Salinas   has   been   the   clinical coordinator/data   manager   for   privately   and   federally   funded   clinical   trials   ranging from   traumatic   orthopedic   research   to   studies   focusing   on   co-occurring   substance use    and    mental    health    disorders    in    adolescents.    These    endeavors    included    the administration of psychometric tools to measure treatment effectiveness and safety. Mr.    Salinas    is    also    experienced    in    implementing    health    services    research    like    needs assessments   for   non-profit   entities,   city   and   county   departments,   and   for   state   agencies.   Major assessment   areas   included   evaluation   of   health   services   gaps   in   HIV   prevention,   treatment,   and care;   adolescent   sexual   health   education   in   schools;   and   mental   health   and   substance   abuse needs   among   adolescents.   His   evaluation   expertise   includes   project   coordination   in   clinical and   health   services   research,   including   literature   reviews;   study   research   design;   instrument development;    primary    and    secondary    data    collection;    data    manipulation    and    statistical analysis; manuscript and report writing, and presentations. Moreover,   as   a   native   of   Mexico,   Mr.   Salinas   speaks   both   Spanish   and   English   which   allows him   the   opportunity   to   deeply   explore   and   understand   external   and   internal   behavioral   and social stressors among the Latino community. Mr.    Salinas    has    both    a    Bachelor    of   Arts    in    Biology    and    in    Spanish    Literature    from    the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Public Health.