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Dennis Fisher, Ph.D.
Dr.   Fisher   is   currently   the   Director   of   the   Center   for   Behavioral   Research and   Services   (CBRS)   and   a   full   Professor   of   Psychology   at   the   California State   University,   Long   Beach   (CSULB).   Before   coming   to   Long   Beach   he was   the   Director   of   the   Center   for   Alcohol   and   Addiction   Studies   at   the University   of Alaska Anchorage.   He   was   the   chair   of   the   Data   Management   committee of   the   NIDA   Cooperative Agreement.   His   M.S.   degree   was   in   Counseling   Psychology and   his   thesis   was   “A   Behavioral   Perspective   of   Heroin Addiction.”   His   doctorate   was in    Program    Evaluation    from    the    evaluation    center    (CIRCE)    at    the    University    of Illinois.   He   was   a   NIDA   Epidemiology   and   Statistics   postdoctoral   fellow   with   the measurement   group   at   UCLA   Psychology   Department.   He   was   the   evaluator   for   the Western   Center   for   Drug   Free   Schools   and   Communities.   He   has   taught   courses   in: Psychological    Testing,     Psychological     Statistics,     Cluster    Analysis,     Health     Data Analysis,    Biostatistics    for    Health    Professionals,    Graduate    Statistics,    and    Research Methods.   He   has   over   100   peer-reviewed   publications   including   many   on   applications of   classical   test   theory   to   self-report.   He   will   take   the   lead   on   the   preparation   of scientific manuscripts and reports.