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Donna Camacaro
Ms.    Camacaro    currently    serves    as    Research    Associate    for    BAI    in addition   to   being   a   member   of   BAI's   data   team.   She   provides   assistance to     lead     evaluators     providing     logistics     for     meetings,     filing,     and conducting   research   for   reports.   Ms.   Camacaro   handles   invoices   for projects    including    both    the    states    of    New    Mexico    and    Texas.    She assists   Dr.   Cervantes   in   project   management   and   and   trains   incoming employees in data entry and data collection as needed. She   assists   in   data   and   project   management   for   the   SAMHSA   Funded   Minority Substance    Abuse,    HIV,    and    Hepatitis    SPF    project    with    Orange    County    Bar Foundation   and   the   Youth   Transitional   Intervention   Program   also   with   the   Orange County   Bar   Foundation.   She   attends   monthly   data   evaluation   meetings   to   ensure that   the   program   is   running   smoohtly.   Ms.   Camacaro   is   responsible   for   creating agendas     and     distributing     minutes     from     the     monthly     site     visits,     general correspondences   between   project   staff   and   other   general   support   duties   as   required. She   schedules   monthly   meetings   and   conference   calls   and   ensures   all   reports   are timely. She also assists in report development as required for both projects. She   is   bi-lingual   in   English   and   Spanish   and   has   a   keen   interest   in   the   physical   and emotional growth of child development.