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Behavioral Assessment, Inc. (BAI) was established in 1987 and incorporated in 1993. In   addition,   in   November   2002   BAI   was   certified   with   the   United   States   Small   Business Administration   as   a   Small   Disadvantaged   Business   in   the   8(a)   program.   The   corporation offers    research,    training,    and    consultation    services,    as    well    as    professional    program evaluation    services.    BAI    has    a    long    history    of    providing    culturally    sensitive    and community   based   services   that   address   the   needs   of   emerging   ethnic   and   cultural   groups, and    longer-term    resident    communities.    BAI    staff    and    consultants    have    over    30    years experience   in   the   community   and   hold   academic   positions   at   major   research   and   teaching universities.   Staff   and   consultants   are   bilingual,   bicultural,   and   represent   Latino, Asian   and Pacific    Islander,    and    African    American    communities.    BAI    has    provided    services    to international,    federal,    state    and    local    governments,    for    profit    and    non-profit    501c(3) organizations.    BAI    clients    have    included    the    U.S.    Department    of    Health    and    Human Services,   the   states   of   Texas,   Arizona,   and   New   Mexico,   the   City   of   Los   Angeles,   and foundations   such   as   the   California   Endowment,   Ford   Foundation,   and   Mott   Foundation. Currently   BAI   serves   as   technical   advisor   to   the   United   Nations   Developing   Countries Program.   The   overall   mission   of   BAI   is   to   build   the   research,   training,   and   evaluation capacity of communities.
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