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Cindy Keig
As   part   of   BAI’s   project   team,   Cindy   recently   served   as   research   associate,   data analyst   and   report   writer   on   an   anti-stigma   situational   analysis   project   for   the Paso   del   Norte   Health   Foundation   in   Southern   New   Mexico.   She   served   on   a multi-state    Phase    II    SBIR    study,    The    Standardization    of    Hispanic    Stress Inventory-Version   2   (HSI2),   responsible   for   instrument   and   survey   development, and   in   achieving   resources   needed   for   performance   assessment   and   program   evaluation. Cindy    also    recently    served    as   Assistant    Project    Coordinator    and    Senior    Editor    for    the Counties   along   the   U.S.-Mexico   Border   Initiative.   Serving   throughout   the   entire   4   year project,   her   responsibilities   included   the   editing   and   development   of   training   materials, website    resources,    newsletters,    training    brochures,    and    fact    sheets    and    PPT    training presentations to support and promote the Initiatives activities and resources. Cindy   serves   as   a   Senior   Research Associate   for   BAI   Inc.   She   assists   with   grant   writing   and application    efforts,    research    and    report    development,    copyediting/layout    services    and electronic    media    and    website    materials    development.    Cindy    is    the    President    of    Keig, Incorporated,    a    proposal    development    and    technical    writing    corporation    specializing    in copyediting/layout   and   electronic   proposal   submission,   with   experience   in   both   Federal research   proposal   applications.   Cindy   is   knowledgeable   in   workforce   issues,   assisting   with the   development   of   a   certification   process   for   Workforce   Central   New   Mexico,   and   has studied    the    Hispanic    expansion    across    Oklahoma    and    worked    with    a    gang    violence prevention/intervention   program   in   SW   OKC.   Cindy   has   a   BS   in   Liberal   Sciences   from University   of   Oklahoma,   and   an   MS   in   Adult   Occupational   Education   and   Vocation   from Oklahoma State University.