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Clarissa Cervantes
Clarissa Cervantes obtained her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy in 2000. Ms.    Cervantes    has    extensive    experience    in    Health    Care    and    Mental    Health Research   as   well   in   data   entry   and   data   management.   She   works   closely   with   the Data   Manager   and   Lead   Evaluator   in   data   entry   and   conduct   of   the   evaluation statistical analyses.   Ms.   Cervantes   also   functions   as   a   resource   person   for   technical   assistance,   writing   and reading   and   helps   on   with   the   implementation   of   the   formal   evaluation   and   ensures comprehension   of   the   data   analysis   objectives.   Ms.   Cervantes,   along   with   the   Lead Evaluator    is    responsible    for    choosing    the    suitable    software    for    conducting    the appropriate   statistical   analysis;   assist   with   report   writing   as   necessary   and   monitoring performance   in   Projects   such   as   Targeted   Capacity   Expansion   (TCE)   -   HIV,   MIP,   Safe, Project    Heal,    Youth    Adelante,    Stop    Short    of    Addiction     and    SWRBHC    Conference Evaluation       and       Project       Corazon.       Ms.       Cervantes       is       Portuguese-English bilingual/bicultural;   she   has   traveled   worldwide   and   had   gained   a   lot   of   cultural   diversity experience. Ms. Cervantes has many courses in Health Care and Mental Health matters.