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Familia Adelante Program Overview We   would   like   to   take   this   time   to   introduce   you   to   an   exciting   new   evidence-based   youth development   program   for   academically   challenged   and   at-risk   children   ages   11   to   14   and their   families.   Familia   Adelante   is   an   evidence-based   system   for   conducting   outreach, assessment,    and    curriculum    based    youth    development    services.    Familia    Adelante includes: Culturally informed classroom screening assessments Outreach for families with youth at-risk academically and behavioral problems Referral system to place children and parents in an afterschool, 12-week school- based early intervention program The 12 week Familia Adelante program for at-risk youth has been studied extensively and has demonstrated to: Increase academic performance Improve school attendance Reduce substance abuse Reduce high risk behaviors Increase communication among family members