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Adrian Reyes
Adrian    Reyes    is    the    founder    and    president    of    Adrian    Information Strategies,   a   full   service   market   research   and   data   processing   company   in Dallas,   Texas.   With   over   thirty   years   experience   in   all   facets   of   market research   and   data   processing,   he   has   established   and   managed   local,   state, and   national   accounts,   and   has   conducted   hundreds   of   qualitative   and quantitative studies. Mr.   Reyes   attended   City   College   of   New   York   and   the   Computer   Programming Institute    of    New    York.    He    was    instrumental    in    the    development    of    interactive computer   programs   for   survey   research   tabulation.   Currently,   Mr.   Reyes   serves   as data    manager    to    BAI    and    has    been    responsible    for    data    collection,    database management, Web   site   development   and   maintenance.   He   has   also   been   instrumental in   questionnaire   design,   providing   both   web-based   online   and   offline   survey   data entry of evaluation instruments.