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Amado Padilla, Ph.D.
Dr   Padilla   is   currently   a   Professor   of   Psychological   Studies   in   Education   at Stanford   University.   His   interests   include   academic   resilience   and   positive school    experiences    of    students    from    at-risk    backgrounds;    psychological acculturation     and     adjustment     of     immigrants,     especially     children     and adolescents;     and     simultaneous     and     successive     forms     of     bilingual development.   He   publishes   widely   in   his   areas   of   research   expertise.   He   is also   interested   in   quantitative   research   methods   in   multicultural   contexts.   He   serves   as the   principal   investigator   of   the   California   Foreign   Language   Project   (CFLP),   a   program that   assists   California   teachers   in   foreign   language   instruction   by   offering   year-round professional   development   programs,   including   intensive   institutes   in   the   summer   and follow-up   sessions   during   the   school   year.   Dr.   Padilla   received   his   B.A.,   (Psychology) New   Mexico   Highlands   University;   M.S.   (Experimental   Psychology)   Oklahoma   State University; Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology) University of New Mexico.