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Alan Kumamoto
Alan    Kumamoto    is    a    founding    partner    of    Kumamoto    Associates,    a marketing,   management   and   communications   general   partnership   located   in Greater    Los    Angeles    area.        Alan    conducts    leadership    workshops    and capacity   building   seminars   for   national   and   international   clients.   His   career spans   work   in   business,   government,   and   nonprofit   organizations   has   been in   charge   of   a   human   relations   training   for   the   Los Angeles   County   Human Relations   Commission,   and   served   as   a   senior   trainer   of   program   planning and    proposal    writing    for    The    Grantsmanship    Center.   Alan    served    as    President    and Executive   Director   for   the   Center   for   Nonprofit   Management,   responsible   for   training   and consultation   to   a   variety   of   nonprofit   corporations   and   he   is   a   certified   trainer   for   the United   States   Department   of   Justice   Weed   and   Seed   Program.   He   serves   as   a   training   and technical    assistant    consultant    to    the    City    of    Los   Angeles    Community    Development Department   to   build   capacity   among   nonprofit   and   faith   based   agencies.   Alan   is   the   KA lead    consultant    to    Leadership    Education    for    Asian    Pacifics    providing    training    and technical   assistance   along   a   life   cycle   continuum   from   growth   to   maturity   or   from   decline back    to    growth.    Alan    most    recently    developed    curriculum    for    the    Los    Angeles Department   of   Water   and   Power   Executive   Leadership   Development   Program.   He   has been a change management consultant to agencies for over 30 years.